Environmental policy

Our environmental policy.

1.Basic principle
Based on our company policy, "We contribute to people's health and well-being", we recognize that global environmental conservation is one of the most important issues to all the human beings, and take actions in consideration of the environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.
2.Action policy
(1) We have established an appropriate environmental management system to reduce the impact on the environment caused by our manufacturing process.
(2) We practice reduction of environmental effect, prevention of global warming, conservation of natural resources and reduction of waste as one of the most important goals. We also manufacture products which do not contain harmful substances and shall contribute to save our planet.
(3) We comply with environment related laws, regulations, ordinances and agreed requirements and coordinate to prevent pollution.
(4) Based on our environmental objectives and targets, we continuously update the environmental management system.
(5) We make all our employees and cooperating companies aware of our environmental policy.