Company Overview

Company Name Fuji Latex Co., Ltd.
(Listed on JASDAQ standard under code No. 5199)
Headoffice 3-19-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0054 Access Map
TEL 03-3259-2543
Capital 643,099,600 yen
Foundation March 1949
Number of employees 277 (March 2021)
2019 Turnover 6,850,000,000 yen
Products Condoms, Balloon, and related latex products.
Shock Absorber, Rotary Damper, and related industrial purpose buffer products
Factories Tochigi factory in Japan (Condoms),
Shin-Tochigi factory in Japan (Shock Absorber & Rotary Damper)
Mooka factory in Japan (Balloon, Probe cover, etc…)
Tochigi Chizuka factory in Japan (Balloon, Probe cover, etc…)

Access Map


3-19-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0054

Company History

1949, MarchFoundation of “Japan Latex Industry Co., Ltd” in Tokyo
1961, JulyCompany was renamed as “Fuji Latex Co., Ltd”.
1972, AugustHeadquarters was moved to the current location, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1974, FebruaryFuji Latex acruired Fuji Chemicals and become as Mooka Plant.
1980, SeptemberFuji Latex has been listed on Japan Securities Dealers Association(“JASDAQ” as of current)
1980, OctoberFuji Latex founded Fuji Seiki Co., Ltd. and started to introduce the shock absorbers
1981, MayFuji Seiki established Shin-Tochigi plant and started the production of shock absorbers.
1982, NovemberFuji Latex headquarters’ new building was established.
1983, JulyFuji Seiki began production of rotary dampers at the Numawada plant which is newly established.
1998, JanuaryISO 9001 certified
2001, AprilFuji Seiki merged its Shin-Tochigi plant and Numawada plant, then formed them as the new Shin-Tochigi factory.
2002, AprilMerger of Fuji Seiki Co., Ltd. (After, it functions as “Motion technology div.”)
2004, January ISO 14001 certified
2004, July Fuji Latex Shanghai Co., Ltd. was founded.
2004, DecemberGot listed on JASDAQ stock exchange market
2005, SeptemberStart of sale of FUDOUOU equipment, for preventing from falling down (covering up to a seismic scale 7)
2009, April60th anniversary
2010 OctoberGot listed on Osaka stock exchange market.
2013 JulyGot re-listed on Tokyo stock exchange market (JASDAQ) due to merger of Tokyo market and Osaka market.
2016 DecemberRepresentative office opend in Germany.
2018 NovemberTOCHIGICHIZUKA PLANT was established.
2020 JulyISO 9001 certified (TOCHIGICHIZUKA PLANT)
2020 OctoberISO 13485 certified (TOCHIGICHIZUKA PLANT)
2022 AprilUplisted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market.

Representative office

Fuji Latex Representative
Office Germany

Königsallee 92A, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Tel: (+49) 211-5403-9668

FAX: (+49) 211-5403-9520

E-mail: info2@fujilatex.co.jp



Affiliate and Overseas Companies

上海市普陀区长寿路360号 源达大厦1001室 邮编200060
Room 1001, No.360, Changshou Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China. 200060

Tel: 021-32201596、021-62128018

FAX: 021-62596796

E-mail: web-shanghai@fujilatex.co.jp

URL: www.fujilatex.cn