Motion Control & Design

We develop various motion controlling products based on the key words of "SOFT, SILENT and SAFE".

Our products are used for absorbing impact or for giving torque to control motion. Possible usage is limitless for industrial systems, automotive interiors, etc.. as well as consumer products; wherever there is motion.

Our specialty is :
SHOCK ABSORBERS, which are frequently used for industrial machines.
ROTARY DAMPERS, which are used for controlling motion.
VANE DAMPERS, which are used for consumer products.
We have a high reputation for our products' safety, functionality and sensitivity.
We will continue to develop our products according to the market demands based on our customer's requests while always focusing on high technology and quality control systems.

Line ups

Choose products based on category or your business type.


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If you are not familiar with choosing a suitable shock absorber,
you can utilize our selection process to start with.
What you have to do is just input the necessary data of your conditions.
However, should you have any concern or doubt, please contact us freely via the inquiry tab.
In addition, if you have any questions about the use and selection results of the tool and product specifications, please feel free to contact us.